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The mission of the Woman’s Club of Laguna Beach is to provide and encourage a nurturing environment for women to develop and enrich social friendships, gain knowledge and provide services within our community in meaningful activities.





The Woman's Club of Laguna Beach
invites you to a community welcome for

Laura Farinella
Chief of Police, City of Laguna Beach

Friday, April 24, 2015
286 St. Ann's Drive

LBPD Police Dog Fundraiser

The Woman's Club is 'embarking' on a fundraising campaign to supply a police dog to the Laguna Beach Police Department. The City of Laguna Beach has funded the vehicle and the training of the officer, and the Woman's Club is raising funds to purchase and train the dog. This is a joint effort to help keep our city safer and to provide better protection for Laguna Residents.

To donate to the LBPD Dog Campain click below;